Impact Investment: A Revolutionary Business Opportunity

I. A global online shopping mall supporting digital currency: Our goal is to support and accept all valuable block chain projects around the world as well as the purchase of various commodities in WXR Alliance’s mall with safe cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to simplify all these things and realize one-stop shopping. Of course, we will invite the most popular star or politician in the world to advertise our projects. Our ultimate goal is to receive mass merchants around the world in the alliance’s mall, and realize financial digitization for various independent block chain projects. We will own a huge cryptocurrency settlement share and great revenue expectation. We are just getting started.

II. Creation of a community autonomous exchange: Many exchanges often artificially set up various obstacles due to their greed and stupidity. Besides, some of them are rude and arrogant, and often adopt misleading propagandas. As a result, many people are afraid of exchanges, and serious investment becomes a nightmarish experience like being prisoned. All these have severely violated investors’ property ownership rights, and gone against Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of decentration and freedom.

Transaction equal to mining
(59% of the exchange’s service charge)

Holding equal to mining
(Weekly interest dividend) 0.5% per week according to the initial plan

59% the currency listing fee of the exchange

59% of profit from Bitcoin futures

59% of entering fee from mass merchants of digital monetary mall

59% of profit from proprietary products of digital monetary mall

All new currencies listed at the alliance’s exchange will be delivered in a fixed amount, and the profits brought about by all future block chain projects of the alliance is 59%, which is called the law of 59.

Amazon realized a net sales volume of 136 billion dollars in 2016 and a net sales volume of 60.453 billion dollars in the fourth quarter of 2017 alone. This impressive performance makes numerous shareholders of Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos acquire unprecedented wealth. At the same time, Alibaba and from Asia also realized striking growth in their respective fields. But it’s a pity that there is no decent organization that can accept the new payment mode of cryptocurrency when faced with such a huge market. Meanwhile, many newly-established firms are walking on a chronic suicide road of pursuing quick arbitrage. This huge dead zone will help our WXRALLY grow. Ninety percent of the behaviors are invalid, while holding WXR of WXRALLY is the only effective behavior.

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About the aliens
1.How’s the distribution proportion of WXR Token?

Overall supply: 1 billion
Community Member Return: 59%
Start-up Team: 11%
Token Sale:10%
Fund Team: 10%
Angel Investor: 10%

2.What types of businesses are accepted into wxrally Project Launchpad? What are the criteria for proposals to be approved?

We will review the proposals from the quality of the team, idea, gold paper, company / founder track record, community support, and whether the project is solving real issues. The wxrally investment team will rank the submitted projects and choose the best ones to include in the Project Launchpad.

About registration

About registration
1.Do I have to do registration and KYC?

Yes. Registration and KYC ("Know Your Customers") is mandatory.

2.Why do I need to specify my Ethereum address during the registration?

You will receive your purchased wxrally tokens WXR at the ETH address you provide us. For viewing WXR at your ETH address, please refer the Token Sales website


About wallet
1.How to download wallet for Wxr-coin?

Wallet 1: Click Download (link:
Wallet 2: Click Download (link:

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We believe that talents are sheltered by the crowds. We have a continuous recruitment progress. Thus, there are always job opportunities around the world until we find the appropriate talents to work for Alien. We have built up a recruitment procedure where we are not the only testers. But you still need to actively get to know us:

  • 1.We will approve your application after application submission and we may require you to provide more information.
  • 2.If there are potential opportunities in the preliminary interview, we will arrange a phone call.
  • 3.We will require you to solve an actual problem as a challenge.
  • 4.If we find out that you are completely competent, we will formally send the offer to you.
  • 5.As we are far away, if there is a consensus, we will work in person for one week before the final decision.
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