Interview withWXRALLY

  • interviewer:Liu( the senior financial reporter of coin circle )
  • interviewee:Clark( takes charge of the Asia-Pacific region of WXRALLY )


Q: Wxrally as one of the latest major projects that owns exchange, BTC futures and digital mall similar to Amazon. What’s the difference of your company? What’s your development direction?

Clark:Well, this is a professional question. First of all, our exchange is a mature project with an experienced team that everyone has rich work experience in the well-known exchange. Then we are going to set up a stable exchange with sustainable development, this exchange certainly is an autonomous one. We are confident that we can run a project that can bring our investor stable profit and we are not such short-sighted, greedy and arrogant team. Therefore, we hold a strong belief that we can win the heart and support of the market. What’s more, we are also a dream factory as well as initial alliance of blockchain, we will improve our cornerstone project gradually.


Q: How do you cognize Bitcoin futures?

Clark:Now,the biggest problem of Bitcoin futures is honesty. The futures itself is high-risk. In this case, there’s no real transparent project of Bitcoin futures in the current market. We aim at starting from small scale to customize the trading system that suits the market style and different investors so as to achieve a high-level balance. All of the measured standard are built to create a long-term, transparent, market-recognized project,just like the core value of Wxrally that regards brand as its soul. We will keep our promise by actions.


Q: Will the digital monetary mall of WXR Alliance completely copy the mode of Amazon?

Clark:As for this question, all management layer personnel of our alliance have a very clear road map. Our CEO has working experience in many Global 500 enterprises, and especially the working experience from Amazon is quite precious. Our CEO Lance has gained a deep understanding about the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, Lance is also the outstanding core of management layer. The only thing in which we are the same as Amazon is: Customer obsession and data driven


Q: As the only digital currency of Wxrally, how do the management team think of its inner value?

Actually, Wxrally will form a complete blockchain industry chain eventually. As the only digital currency of Wxrally, its inner value speaks for itself. We know that only by joint effort and deep integration of the brand and investors can perfect win-win be achieved. We regard obligation and responsibility as one of our necessary quality. We can provide various ways to improve the inner value of token, like repo at the key time and continuously develop competitive blockchain products to make investors feel the joy of investment.


Q: Does your team belong to the UK or the Cayman Islands? When will you formally initiate Token Sale?

Clark:We were established in the Cayman Islands, but our project partners come from ten countries around the world. Our Token Sale will be formally initiated on 1 August and Token Sale which lasts for 2 months is divided into two stages. The sales percentage is as follows: 1BTC=230000WXR; 1ETH=15000WXR; 100XVG=80WXR. Our capital will be used to seek more excellent scientists and block chain engineers.


Q: How about your expectation of the future market value?

Clark:We are full of confidence in the future market value. First, we will conduct counter purchase at regular intervals, but the key point is that we will try to return the communities, because we deeply know that only the power of communities is real strength. Market effect is the best advertisement. As for the expectation of the market value, our team will make endeavors to help our alliance architecture deeply integrate into different projects. After it is stabilized, we will experience the first stage of 1 billion dollars, but this figure is not the alliance’s ideal goal. Let’s wait and see what happens. We will gain strength and wisdom continuously.
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